WATCH: The Most Furious Baby in the World Is the Most Hilarious One Too

Grumpy babies are really cute, but usually they have a minute or two of being in a bad mood before going “goo-goo ga-ga” again and smiling as most babies do.

Not this little baby boy. He’s a furious baby.

Nothing can make this adorable boy smile. He’s furious for no apparent reason actually — and calmly so. Watch as his mother does everything in her power to get this little guy to crack a smile — and he does but then he instantly starts frowning again.

MomĀ uses her fingers to force a fake smile out of baby. She even smooths the wrinkles out his furrowed brows, but no luck — he starts frowning again.

Why is this little guy so angry? We just have no idea, but the fact that he’s so pissed is exactly what makes him so cute so go ahead, little man, keep frowning.