Furious Pedestrian Throws Rocks at Street Racing Lamborghini Aventador

What kind of lunatic would throw rocks at a $397,500 Lamborghini Aventador? 

Apparently, this guy.

In the video above, you can see the supercar using the road as a racetrack and suddenly coming to a stop. Then, the video pans out and you can see a pedestrian threatening the driver with a rock in his hand.

You can clearly hear the guy saying, “Keep racing,” before throwing a rock at the Aventador and smashing one of the back windows.

We expected the driver to jump out and give the pedestrian a good beat down, but he sped off when intimidated by more pelting rocks.

If you happen to be a car enthusiast, get ready to cringe.

Also, if you own expensive car and feel like taking it for a joy ride, make sure to avoid this neighborhood!