Awesome Furniture Ideas to Save Space and Look Good Doing It

One of our favorite sites BoredPanda recently asked their users to submit some of the coolest furniture that saves space without looking tacky — and in fact, most of their submissions look downright awesome (hence our headline).

If you’re like us, you loathe a cluttered apartment or home and are always looking for new ways to keep things organized instead of throwing them all over the floor, looking like an insufferable hoarder to all the visitors you’d have if you weren’t so lonely and ashamed.

These innovative pieces of furniture were simply too cool not to share with you all. Even if you have plenty of space or can’t afford such designer equipment, it’s still worth seeing and it may even give you some newfound creativity to help get your own place in order.

Scroll through the slideshow above. For more info on purchasing these items, head to Bored Panda.