8-Year-Old Girl Receives Gifts from Family of Crows She Feeds Everyday

While many people think crows are annoying because of their loud caws and rambunctious behavior, others fear these black feathered creatures since they are often associated with death.

However, crows are actually very intelligent (they have an unusually large brain for their size), social and caring creatures.

According to various studies, they are among the smartest animals on Earth, and the only non-primate species able to solve puzzles as well as make tools, such as hooks and prods to capture prey. Their cognitive abilities have even been compared to those of primates like gorillas and chimpanzees.

Crows have also been known to have the capacity to remember peoples’ faces, especially those who lend them a helping hand or are seen as a threat.

When eight-year-old Gabi Mann began feeding a tight-knit family of crows in her backyard, she discovered that her kindness was reciprocated.

So far, the adorable little girl has received more than 60 presents from the birds. She was only four when she began giving them scraps from her lunch.

bird whisperer child

According to the Mirror, it wasn’t until her and her mother started filling the bird bath with fresh water and leaving treats in the yard every day that the crows began leaving behind small treasures.

“For the most part the common denominator is that they’re shiny and small enough to fit in their mouths but other than that we don’t know what some of these things are,” her mother said.

Gabi carefully collects and records all the items the birds deliver; among her favorites are a key ring and a heart.

“This is a heart from them, it’s showing me how much they love me,” she explained.

Find out more about Gabi’s wonderful story over on The Bittersweet Life. The Bittersweet Life is a podcast created by journalist Katy Sewall, who discovered this amazing friendship.

All Images: Katy Sewall