How Incredible Does a Galaxy 60 Million Light-Years Away Look? THIS INCREDIBLE

The universe and its countless galaxies will never stop amazing the whole of humanity.

Recently, NASA’s Hubble Telescope captured an incredible galaxy located approximately 60 milion-light years away from Earth. A distance you couldn’t even fathom if you tried. Let’s just say it’s really, really far away.

The Huffington Post reported that the galaxy, known as IC 335, is 45 light-years long, and is one of four star systems located in the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy.

Scientists are calling IC 335 an “SO,” or lenticular galaxy, meaning that it is characterized by primarily a narrow disk of stars and a distortion of the surface, USA Today reports.

While there are generally three types of galaxies in our universe (elliptical, spiral and irregular), NASA’s image only shows the galaxy’s edge.

As of now, scientists have no idea how SO galaxies even form. Although, the two most dominant theories circulating throughout the community are that they are single, faded, spiral galaxies or the result of two spiral galaxies combining together.

But despite whatever conclusions they may come to about this discovery, it’s still pretty damn cool to contemplate the vastness of the universe and how fragile our world is.