WATCH: ‘Game of Thrones’ if It Was Made in the 1980s

Now this is a Game of Thrones parody video we can get behind — probably because some of us at FTK grew up in the 1980s and can appreciate what the creator did here.

The concept is really simple, and initially doesn’t seem like much: Take existing Game of Thrones footage, add some VHS playback wrinkles, a techno beat, and that’s it. And, yes, on the surface that’s all this looks like. But if you really examine how the editor put it all together, and the clips he chose, it really does feel like the kind of editing, music and film direction that was popular for action shows during that period.

To be more specific, syndicated action shows, or HBO when it was just learning to do original programming. (Except for Fraggle Rock. They ruled with Fraggle Rock, but that may have had more to do with the Jim Henson company than it did with HBO, because at the time HBO was not known as the powerhouse of original programming that it is today.)

The parody was created by YouTube user Mikolaj.Birek, who put this note up to accompany the piece:

***ATTENTION!*** I did not made the visuals NOR the sound for this clip – I used the VHS intro made by Hunterlsanders and music by Steve Duzz, cut it a bit and uploaded for all to enjoy. No profit is made of this clip. Have a good day and check out the original uploads by the respective creators:

Original VHS GoT intro by Hunter L Sanders:…

80’s style GoT theme remix by Steve Duzz:…

Whew! Hopefully that covers this person legally, so that HBO doesn’t have the video yanked, because it just started blowing up on the web. Check out the short Game of Thrones parody video above and enjoy.