Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1: 7 Major Things That Happened In Dragonstone

daenerys targaryen
Daenerys in Westeros

Game of Thrones season seven episode one hit screens on Sunday night and to say fans were excited was an understatement.

After a 15-month wait and many, many teasers Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Tyrion Lannister and co were finally back on our screens in penultimate season’s opener of the HBO Juggernaut.

As ever, fans had quite a bit to say about the premiere episode and Twitter was blazing for hours after as they poured over every detail of the episode. Just to make it easier for anyone who hasn’t/has no intention of watching, here’s a cheat sheet for all the weird, wonderful and annoying things that happened.

1. Ed Sheeran was in it and everyone hated it

Yes, the ‘I’m In Love With Your Body’ star made a cameo in the woods as a singing Lannister soldier. Not sure why as it was a completely unnecessary scene – we would’ve preferred more of the Hound.

While he’s popular on stage the British star got roasted online for the appearance, with people getting seriously angry he was given a role at all.

Only way to justify Ed Sheeran’s #GameOfThrones cameo is for him to greet Bran with: “When your legs don’t work like they used to before…”

— Charlie Potter (@Charlie_Potter) July 17, 2017

2. There was a Harry Potter reference

In one scene Samwell Tarly is trying to get in the restricted section of the Citadel to learn about White Walkers and tries to get new arrival Jim Broadbent to give him the key. This is eerily similar to Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince where Harry also tries to convince Prof. Slughorn, also played by Broadbent, to let him in the restricted section. Twitter LOVED the cross over.

3. There was loads of sh*t

Way too much time was dedicated to watching Sam clear out bed chambers full of poo. How, in such a complex and complicated show, can there be time for a five minute montage of poo?

Samwell Tarly’s montage felt like Cell Block Tango was about the start. “Poop. Books. Squish. Gruel. Citadel. Lipschitz!” #GoT

— Andrew Costello (@andrewjcostello) July 17, 2017

4. Euron Greyjoy has two good hands

He proposed to Cersei while dissing her brother/lover Jamie. He not only mocked him for having one hand, he suggested Cersei might enjoy killing her brother. Jamie’s slightly alarmed face tells us all we need to know – she would do it – though probably Tyrion is more in danger than him.

Euron is a murderer who betrayed his family, but is kind of sassy and we loved his banter with Cersei. She’s been pretty dark the last few seasons, what with her children getting murdered, the whole High Sparrow thing and blowing up a whole load of people including her daughter-in-law – maybe Euron can finally put a smile on her face?

Euron looking at Jaime like: #GoTs7 #S7E01

— King Renly Baratheon (@TheKingRenly) July 17, 2017

5. Women rule

Cersei on the thrown preparing to fight, while Jamie runs around pouting.

Daenerys touching down in Westeros and after surveying her new digs aka Stannis Baratheon’s old castle Dragonstone, telling Tyrion “shall we begin”.

Sansa standing up to John, speaking her mind and being seriously sassy to Littlefinger: “no need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish. I’ll assume it was something clever”.

Lyanna Mormont once again proving herself to be a badass in the making as she proved women had just as much right to fight as the men.

And Arya killing ALL the Greyjoys…we would say the women had it this episode.

6. The Hound has layers

He’s always been that rough one you had soft spot for, but in Sunday’s episode, the Hound had a real moment. Coming across the farmhouse of the father and daughter he robbed in season four he finds their corpses huddled in the corner of the room. Clearly feeling remorseful, he’s later shown burying their bodies.

His character arc is really becoming one of the best in the entire show. It helps that he has some of the best lines too, including this classic from episode one: “It is my f**king luck I ended up with a bunch of fire worshipers”

He also saw a vision in the fire and mocked man buns, seriously what a guy.

7. Tormund is still crushing on Brienne

The Wildling gave Brienne of Tarth some very loving glances throughout the episode and while romance is way down the list of things you need in Westeros, this pairing is so epic we would be OK with a whole spin-off series. He’s literally the only guy she seems scared of, we love it. Keep it up please.