Gay Politician Threatens to ‘Out’ Her Conservative Colleagues

State Representative Patricia Todd (D), Alabama’s only openly gay state legislator, threatened to out a few of her colleagues — specifically the straight anti-gay politicians who cheat on their wives while espousing family values and working to stop marriage equality in the state.

She made the initial threat over the weekend via Facebook before expanding on the accusation during an interview with Sirius XM Progress Wednesday, wherein she said, “It’s pretty common knowledge in Montgomery that legislators have had affairs with different people [working for them]…clerks, office staff, that sort of thing.”

According to the Huffington Post, Todd said she wrote the Facebook post after a federal judge struck down Alabama’s same-sex marriage ban and the response from Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard, who called the ruling “outrageous,” angered her. After posting, Todd reportedly received death threats for threatening to expose her colleagues’ infidelities.

In part, Todd said in her interview:

My statement on my Facebook page was one of, ‘If you’re gonna cast those stones you better look at your own family values and think about it.’

Speaking about the affairs of heterosexual anti-gay lawmakers:

You know, it’s the rumor mill. Obviously, I don’t know for sure, because I’m not a participant in one of those [affairs]… My post was, ‘Beware, because are your family values that strong?’ I wanted to change the conversation from, ‘Who has the most family values?’ because we know a lot of gay families struggle every day, with the discrimination they face raising children they love, in a loving home environment. And I wanted those family to be recognized as having strong family values.

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