Celebrity Couples You Didn’t Know Are Gay

Today America stands together in love as same-sex marriage is legalized. It has been a battle for many people for years, and now it is time to celebrate love and each other.

The majority of celebrities are very open about their sexuality, whether they are gay, lesbian, straight or bisexual. They voice their beliefs in the hopes that they will influence others to be more accepting.

As the announcement was made today, many of Hollywood’s stars voiced their opinions through social media. Anna Kendrick, Shonda Rhimes, Matt Bomer, Tegan and Sara, Brad Goreski, Ellen DeGeneres and lots more took to twitter to rejoice.

In honor of love winning we have wrapped up a list of celebrities who have publicly taken oath as married couples even if it was legal in their state or not at the time. These are the celebrity couples you didn’t know are gay.