Gay Twins Coming Out to Their Dad Is Your Happy Cry for the Day

A video posted yesterday has been going crazy on social media — and for all the right reasons.

Twin brothers Aaron and Austin Rhodes, a.k.a. the Rhodes Brothers, are both models. They produce a bunch of videos for YouTube, but only now have they told their fans that they are gay. So, with an eye toward being authentic in the new year, they not only told their fans in the video, but they also call their father and come out to him.

Here is the note they put on their YouTube video to explain the video.

With 2015 now here, we think it is time to finally just be ourselves. We hope by our actions today you can finish watching this video feeling encouraged and inspired. Thank you for all the support. We love you.

The two didn’t want their dad to find out through gossip or from watching YouTube (we assume he watches their videos), so the call was necessary. It’s a pretty amazing moment, and while it’s not the first gay twins coming out video, it had us both tearing up and smiling at the same time. Check out a small moment of these guys’ life journey.

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