Gayle Newland Found Guilty of Raping Another Woman When Posing as a Man

Gayle Newland, who pretended to be a man and tricked her female friend into having sex with her, has been found guilty of three counts of sexual assault.

Judge Roger Dutton told the court that Gayle Newland, 25, had “serious issues surrounding her personality.” This verdict comes after Newland was charged for sexually assaulting her victim by taking on a male persona online and using a prosthetic penis during sex while the victim was blindfolded. Her victim said she’d rather have been raped by a man.

Although Newland has not yet been sentenced, Judge Dutton reminded her: “You have been convicted of serious charges. You must understand the consequences may be serious.”

Newland responded by shouting in court, ‘How can you send me down for something I have not done?’

Newland is out on bail until sentencing in November. She was told she must not contact the complainant and to no longer use her assumed identity, Kye Fortune.

In an unusual move, the judge said Newland needs to be seen by the Probation Service and a psychiatrist as part of a pre-sentencing procedure.