A Goat and a Sheep Had a Baby and It’s the Cutest Thing Ever

What happens when a girl sheep and a boy pygmy goat get together and make a baby?

You get a geep. Yes, that’s a real term and that’s what a petting zoo welcomed last week amongst all the new baby goats. Butterfly the geep has a sheep for a mom and a goat for a dad and was born last Sunday at My Petting Zoo in Scottsdale.

Butterfly has mom’s wool and tail and dad’s feet and face and is about the cutest thing ever. The zoo owner, Priscilla Montola posted pictures and a video of Butterfly on Facebook and the baby geep is already a viral hit.

The zoo is currently closed to protect the animals from the high temperatures but the owners are excited to introduce Butterfly to visitors soon.

Montola says “She’s just a baby. We just want to give her some time. I just never expected something like this to happen.”

We have the news report above, and a more detailed video of Butterfly below. Enjoy.