VIDEO: Genius Cat Uses Sign Language to Demand Food

You’ve probably seen a lot of cute animal videos over the years. But this is wholly new. Sure, cats meow and rub up against their owners while they’re eating, hoping to score a scrap of human food. That’s nothing new. Even dogs do that, while begging and crying.

The cat in this video, however, is a genius. He definitely communicates with his paws, like he knows sign language. Each time his owner takes a bite of food, this smart kitty, nudges him with one paw and then motions to his own mouth with the other.

We have no idea how this cat learned how to do all this. If his owner trained him to do it — bravo! If he learned to do it on his own, well then he truly is a genius kitty worthy of much more than table scraps.

Enjoy this video and let us know if you or someone you know has a pet who knows how to do special mind-blowing tricks like this. We’d love to hear from you.