Multiple Zoo Animals Killed in Georgia – See Why Here

Lions, hippos and bears were just a few of the animals that have been seen wandering the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Rushing floods broke through the zoo enclosures in which the animals were kept, setting them free to run wild through the public. According to at least 12 people have been found dead along with dozens of animals. About 300 of the zoo’s 600 animals were noted as missing since the Georgia Floods began.

While the majority of them died from the floods others are dying after being shot by people trying to stay safe. Out of the zoo’s 14 bears only two survived and out of their 17 penguins nine have died.

A hippopotamus that was loose in the streets was shot with a tranquilizer by the capital’s officials and recaptured.

Zoo authorities have also identified multiple dead lions, tigers and wolves.

Irakly Lekvinadze, the vice mayor of Tbilisi told Sky News that he estimates the damages to be about $10 million.

What started out as rain turned into a flowing river, and while some may have lost their homes and belongings, others have lost their lives.