Get a Glimpse Inside Coober Pedy, Australia’s Spellbinding Underground Homes

When people think about living underground they generally imagine being forced to seek shelter from a post-apocalyptic world, either that or they think about about terrifying it would be to live underground in a confined space. The mere thought of it is enough to give them a panic attack.

Naturally, the human mind has a fear of underground spaces. We associate such spaces with dark, tight environments. We also envision being buried alive if the structures were to collapse in on us.

However, there’s a town in South Australia, just north of Adelaide, where about 80 percent of the residents live underground, around 1,900 people. Coober Pedy is an opal mining town located in the desert, where temperatures typically exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, and can get very cold in the winter. To escape such inhospitable environments, subterranean homes have been carved out of the rock below the surface of the ground.

Many former opal mines have been used for housing, though new structures have also been built to support the growing population.

Due to their location, these “dugouts” don’t require air-conditioning or heating systems, as they maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Get a glimpse of Cooper Pedy in the video above.

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