Get LONGER and THICKER Eyelashes in 5 Easy Steps

Long, healthy and thick eyelashes are a godsend — however, if you weren’t born with Kim Kardashian-level eyelashes, not to worry. We’ve put together a handy guide on how to get longer and thicker eyelashes. Perfect for everyday wear, a romantic evening out or for those holiday parties, these tips will work for you. No more coveting Kim K’s eyelashes, you too¬†can achieve real pumped-up results! Get longer and thicker eyelashes in 5 easy steps with the products below.

1) Start by curling your eyelashes with a great eyelash curler.

2) Next apply a little loose powder to your lashes. (This will bulk them up).

3) Then apply a lash thickening and extending mascara, working from the inside corner to outside edge of your eye.

4) If you’re looking for a bolder look, try these false eyelashes.

5) For long-term care, stimulate healthy and thicker eyelash growth with one of these serums.

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