Get a Startling Glimpse Into the Life of a Compulsive Hoarder

Compulsive hoarding affects approximately 700,000 to 1.4 million people in the US. The anxiety disorder causes sufferers to hold onto items that other people find useless, such as old newspapers, trash, and empty product containers.

Often times, the disorder can even go as far as interfering with someone’s well-being, since hoarding can get in the way of eating, showering and sleeping when items begin piling up in a household.

Meet George Fowler. He is an elderly old man who just so happens to be a compulsive hoarder. While Fowler may appear to be stylish and well-groomed, take one look inside his house and you’ll realize his life isn’t as put together as it seems.

His four-bedroom home is completely littered with clutter that there is hardly any room to walk, lie down or sit.

Photographer Corinna Kern met with Fowler and was able to document his life in a series of images called George’s World in the slideshow above. If you were to meet him out on the street, you would never know the secrets that lurk within his home.

Do you know of anyone who lives in such conditions? Could you?

Via: Design Taxi

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