Ghost Hunters Face Felony Charges for Breaking into ‘Haunted’ Church

The Ness Church in Litchfield, Minnesota is no stranger to break-ins; for years, vandals have gotten into the church after hours. And YouTube has scores of videos showing “confimed sightings” at the church. Meanwhile, church members deny any haunting or ghost activity. They say Ness Church is just another church and…well, a burial sight with an unsavory chapter in Minnesota history: 490 victims of the 1862 U.S.-Dakota War were buried here–and in a hurry. In fact, the first five people killed were notoriously buried in two boxes. The church’s board members deny any hauntings and even offer tours to prove that the church is not haunted.

It was at 1:53 am on Sunday, May 17 that police responded to the burglary alarm at the church. When they approached the church, they saw a vehicle leaving the property. The deputies stopped the car and arrested all four occupants for the church crime.

After the arrest, the suspects were taken to Meeker County jail on charges of burglary and criminal damage to the property. The four charged have been identified as 23-year-old Kyle Huber, of Victoria; 23-year-old Todd Suurmeyer of Sioux Falls, South Dakota; 25-year-old Joseph Porter of Sioux Falls and 24-year-old Brittani Roberts, of Sioux Falls. The three men are due to appear in court Tuesday, while the lone female ghost hunter has been released pending further investigation.

The suspects are accused of breaking windows to gain entry to the church as well as smashing a part of a monument which marks the creepy burial site. There is an ongoing investigation as to to whether or not the ‘ghost hunters’ stole anything from the church. The authorities are also looking into the full extent of the damages.