Ghost Station Found Underground After 100 Years

A historic ghost station was recently discovered by engineers busily working on the new Thameslink transport program in London. Some rail workers knew it existed but no one was sure if it was still intact.

Construction workers saw evidence of old platforms, a solid foundation of tracks and the original construct of the ticket hall quite by accident. Soon after, they learned they’d rediscovered the Southwark Park station, which was closed in 1915, only 13 years after it went into service. The station’s claim to fame is that the first signal box in the world was built there.

The Bermondsey Dive Under is the railway that is being built on top of the Southwark Park station, “but the arch that used to house the old booking hall will remain,” said project manager Greg Thornett.

The long forgotten Southwark Park station, which transported people from London Bridge to Greenwhich, closed due to the rising popularity of buses and trams as well as the outbreak of World War I.