Giant Panda Playing Will Make You Wish It Was A Snow Day Today

Leaves change colors and fall and the air picks up a crisp chill in autumn, but nothing cements the end-of-year seasons like the first snow. Sure, there are some inconveniences like school or road closures—and you have to shovel walkways—but getting to frolic in the snowy drifts makes it all worth it.

Still not feeling the winter weather? Meet Da Mao, a giant panda from the Toronto Zoo, who will make you want to drop everything to go play in the snow. Da Mao, who just turned six years old in September, enjoys the fresh snowfall with a tumbling romp around his enclosure.

He takes advantage of the sloped terrain, using his body and some bamboo to toboggan down the hill.

The video—which already has over a million views—was posted to the zoo’s official YouTube channel. The Toronto Zoo’s panda team has aptly named Da Mao’s new favorite winter sport “bear-bogganing.”

Da Mao came to the Toronto Zoo in the spring of 2013 from Chengdu, China, as a part of the zoo’s grand opening of their Giant Panda Experience. Da Mao is an award-winning panda, having been named 2013’s “Favorite Panda Outside of China” during the Giant Panda Zoo Awards, according to the zoo.

Watch the video of Da Mao playing in the snow above.