Watch This Giant Pendulum Wave Created by 16 Bowling Balls in a Forest… Because Science

Physics is beautiful.

You’ve probably seen a pendulum wave machine on a much smaller scale before, whether in a classroom or on the Internet. But this giant science experiment, made up of 16 bowling balls hanging from a wooden frame, is in a league of its own.

Located on the grounds of a house in the mountains of North Carolina, this pendulum wave machine makes us feel like a kid again, become spellbound by it movement.

Maria Ikenberry, who uploaded the video to YouTube, explains the demonstration:

The length of time it takes a ball to swing back and forth one time to return to its starting position is dependent on the length of the pendulum, not the mass of the ball. A longer pendulum will take longer to complete one cycle than a shorter pendulum. The lengths of the pendula in this demonstration are all different and were calculated so that in about 2:40, the balls all return to the same position at the same time.

Go ahead, it’s okay to be amazed. We promise we won’t tell anyone that deep-down you’re a science nerd at heart.

Watch the giant pendulum wave in the video above.