Giant Slip ‘n’ Slide Turns South West England Street Into a Playground

Once the weather begins to warm up, there’s nothing better than some good old slip ‘n’ slide fun!

On Sunday, English artist Luke Jerram created a memorable day for people of all ages when he set up a giant slip ‘n’ slide on a street in South West England.

Utilizing 300 feet of hillside on Park Street in Bristol, Jerram’s epic playground drew thousands of spectators.

Although more than 96,000 people signed up for the opportunity to ride down the slide, only 360 lucky winners were granted a ticket to hop on inflatable rafts and speed down the hill.

We would love for something like this to come to California! Can you imagine what it would be like if a slip ‘n’ slide were to be set up on a hellishly vertical incline like 22nd St. in San Francisco? This street has a 31.50 percent gradient! Now that would be one hell of a ride.