This Dude Makes Colossal Soap Bubbles for a Living

What is the human fascination with bubbles?

Children may love chasing after them, but bubbles aren’t just for the kiddos.

Case in point: Sylvain Letuvée makes colossal soap bubbles for a living. He creates them for original projects, festivals and artistic events.

In the video above, you can watch Letuvée making them in various parks around France. The footage blends perfectly with the background music, which is the whimsical “Gymnopédie No.1” by Erik Satie.

Just saying the word bubbles makes us feel all giddy inside. Bubbles make us happy, they make us laugh. Seriously. Have you ever known anyone to wear a frown while they watch someone blow bubbles into the air? We haven’t. Instead, folks tend to allow their inner child to come through when watching the multi-colored wonders float away until they pop.

Like magic, these three-dimensional, ever-changing circles appear, only to vanish–leaving us wanting more.

Watch the video of the giant soap bubbles above.