Giant Spider Dog Terrorizes People in Epic Prank

In a prank that is perfect for those who love both horror flicks and canines, a video of a giant spider dog is taking the internet by storm.

Scored with horror music, the prank sets a creepy ambiance as people encounter an eerily desolate parking structure. Some friends wait for an elevator, not knowing what shock is in store for them when the door opens. In a different staging of the prank, one poor guy is faced with what looks like dismembered body parts hanging from the ceiling while walking to his car. In each set-up, the subject is ambushed by a massive dog dressed in a full spider costume.

The reactions are hilarious—but we can’t say we wouldn’t run for our lives too if something that big came around a dark corner at us.

It is the work of Polish prankster Sylwester Wardega and his adorable dog Chica. You can find more from Wardega’s YouTube channel, and follow Chica on her very own Facebook page for the continuing adventures of Spider Dog.

If you are planning to bring your dog with you on the neighborhood trick-or-treat rounds this year, you’re in luck because Amazon has a spider dog costume to transform your pooch into an eight-legged terror.

If the pumpkin spice latte can come out early this year so can the creepy goodness that is Halloween-themed entertainment, so check out the video above to see the epic prank.