WATCH: Incredible Video of Rare Giant Squid Attacking Submarine

Giant squids invariably exist, but they’re so rarely spotted they seem to be in the same realm as Pegasus and Sasquatch.

Recently however, Greenpeace released some incredible footage of their submarine being attacked by one of these mysterious specters of the deep. The video was posted to Vine, and it depicts the giant squid spinning around and spraying black ink at the sub.

The terrified crew shined a light at the beast to scare it away, but it only thrashed further and whipped its tentacles at the sub, according to

The footage was captured in the Bering Sea, located between Russia and Alaska. The date of the incident is not known.

The message accompanying the video said only: “It’s a squid attacking a submarine during a #BeringSea expedition with @GreenpeaceUSA!”

The squid eventually swam away unharmed without causing any damage to the submarine.