Giggling Granny – The Grandma Who Murdered Her Family

Nannie Doss, is known as one of the most disturbing murderers around. She killed multiple members of family by poisoning them with arsenic. Doss intentionally poisoned her sisters, children, grandchildren and husbands.

She first married at the age of 16. With her first husband she had four daughters, two of whom died in the 1920’s from food poisoning. Over the years she went on to kill other members of her family including her infant grandson and four of her husbands.


According to About News, It wasn’t until the death and autopsy of her last husband that Doss was caught. Doctors found a large amount of arsenic in her husband’s organs, and she was later called in for questioning where she admitted to every murder.

Nannie Doss got the nickname Giggling Granny when she came clean about murdering her family and continuously laughed while making jokes about their deaths.

She was sentenced to life in prison only for the murder of her last husband, and later died in 1963 of leukemia.