Caught on Camera: Giraffe Takes a Drink Out of a Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool is a delightful means of relaxation on a hot day, but owning one comes with a few complications—like maintenance or neighbors dropping in to take advantage. One couple got one such unexpected visitor during their time at the Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa.

Kali Sakai and her husband returned from breakfast to the house where they were staying on a recent visit to the reserve, and were surprised to discover that a giraffe had stopped by to check things out—and to take a sip from the elevated swimming pool. The height of the pool was just right for the leggy visitor.

In the video above, although the giraffe notices the return of the human inhabitants—and spots Sakai filming—it remains calm and undisturbed, taking a few more drinks from the pool before wandering off into the reserve.

“That is so random,” is Sakai’s reaction. “When I looked out the window, my brain tried to make sense of what I was seeing but it didn’t quite compute initially. It just didn’t seem real or even possible.”

Her shock is understandable—it’s not every day you see a giraffe help itself to your swimming pool!

According to the video posted by Barcroft TV, the pool was un-chlorinated and safe to drink—pools in the area are frequently un-chlorinated during the winter season.

Check out the video of the encounter above.