Little Girl Bullied After Donating Hair to Charity

A 10-year-old girl is being bullied after cutting her long hair off to donate it to charity. It was Jetta Fosburg’s idea to cut her long blonde hair so that she could give it to Wigs for Kids—a charity that supports children with cancer and hair loss-related illnesses. Her parents were supportive of the idea.

Jetta told Fox 45 that she wanted to donate her hair because she has family members battling cancer.

“Of course, we were super proud,” her mother told WHIO. “We thought it was the coolest idea that she came up with on her own.” Nobody imagined the cruel backlash from her peers that would hound her for weeks at school.

Jetta donated 14 inches to the charity, leaving her own hair cropped short against her head. After her haircut, things got very bad at school. Students started to call her ugly, and said things about how Jetta “wants to be a boy,” which weren’t even the most hurtful taunts they used, according to Heidi Fosburg.

Although Jetta and her mother made reports to the school, the bullying continued and things did not improve. Administration initially promised to investigate, but no action was taken.

The principle told Jetta she would just have to “tough it out.”

“He told me that he didn’t know of any child that had ever died from words. And that we needed to toughen up and deal with it,” Jetta’s mother told WHIO.

Her mother, Heidi Fosburg, told Fox 45 that the bullying forced her to pull her daughter from Pathway School of Discovery, in Dayton, Ohio.

A spokesperson for the school confirmed that they did receive a bullying complaint, and that they would use the word “respect” as the school’s “word of the month” to teach students about the appropriate way to treat each other.