Did This Photo Capture the Ghost of a Girl Who Died 100 Years Ago in the Same Spot?

Everything seemed perfectly normal when Kim Davison and her friend Jessie Lu took their kids swimming at Murphy’s Hole in Lockyer River in Queensland, Australia recently.

That was until the two looked at a photo they’d taken during the outing and saw something that left them completely freaked out.

The women remember having their three children between them when the photo was taken, but in the image, there are four. Not only does the fourth not belong to them, they don’t remember seeing anyone else swimming in the water with them that entire day.

They took to Facebook and posted the image on the Toowoombaa Ghost Chasers page and got their potential answer via a commenter.little girl

This person said a girl named Doreen O’Sullivan drowned in that exact place. This incident allegedly occured all the way back in 1915. An image of the death notice (right) provided by the commenter read “Doreen O’Sullivan, aged 13 years, oldest daughter of Mr. James O’Sullivan, was accidentally drowned while bathing in the Lockyer Creek on Friday afternoon.”

Although there is no proof the girl in the recent image is in fact Doreen’s ghost – in fact some people suspect there may be some Photoshop work at play here or that it’s simply an optical illusion—the whole concept has left us a little spooked, to say the least.closeup