Girl Goes Crazy After Guy Cancels Their Second Date

Crazy girlfriend’s texting their boyfriend’s when they are upset seems to be a huge trend the Internet is seeing these days. Maybe when you’re in a serious relationship, you’re allowed to be a little crazy and hope your partner puts up with it.

However, this particular girl allegedly only met this guy one time and she definitely deserves the ‘crazy girl of the week’ award. We’re guessing the first date went well enough since anonymous guy asked her out for a second date. But when he had to cancel on their second date together, she went absolutely insane.

Read her long series of brutal text messages to him and let us know just how crazy you think she really is. Did she take it too far, or was it a justifiable outburst?

Warning, the screenshots below contain strong language that might not be suitable for all readers.






Source: Reddit

Maybe her name is on this list:

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