Four-Year-Old Girl Hands Out Mother’s Bags of Heroin at Daycare Like Candy

Kids are taught to share with their friends, and that’s a great thing. But this little girl might have a few hangups about sharing with her peers after what happened when she shared her “candy” with them.

A Delaware girl borrowed a backpack from her mother, and thought she was generously sharing bags of candy that she found inside. Actually, the four-year-old was handing out heroin to her daycare friends, Associated Press said in the report.

The little girl’s own backpack had been ruined by the family pet— which is why she brought her mother’s and how she discovered 249 bags of heroin inside. Of course the child had no idea that the bags were full of illegal drugs; she innocently assumed it was just candy.

The Delaware State Police said that the total amount of heroin weighed 3.7 grams.

Police were notified by the Hickory Tree Child Care Center after caregivers at the facility saw children with the bags.

Several children were taken to the hospital as a precaution, however they were later released with no reports of any injury or illness.

The child’s mother Ashley Tull, 30, is being charged with maintaining a drug property and endangering the welfare of a child. Her two children have been placed in a relative’s custody and Tull has ben ordered to have no contact with her children.