Girl Named Isis Gets Facebook Account Banned for ‘Being a Terrorist’

With the recent terrorist attacks of ISIS, Facebook has been extremely cautious as to what they allow and follow on their site.

Isis Anchalee, named after the Egyptian goddess of the sky, had her Facebook account suspended and taken down. She took her entire rant to Twitter and expressed her feelings about the situation.

She wrote:

Isis needed to prove that she is not part of the terrorist organization of the Islamic State with her passport. After lots of support that Anchalee built up on Facebook and Twitter, her account was reinstated.

In 2014, 396 babies were named Isis after the Egyptian goddess. Facebook will have to accept that, instead of shutting down all of their accounts.

Anchalee has been met with problems because of her name in the past as well. She posted a tweet saying, “I wish I had $5 for every time a Lyft or Uber driver asks me about my name. It’s starting to make me angry.”

With all the negative attention the terrorist group ISIS is collecting, Anchalee continues to get harassed for her name.

However, her stance on keeping her name stands strong in another tweet that reads, “NO I will NOT change my name. Wtf people.”