Meet the Blonde Bombshell Who Has Been Sailing the World for 10 Years

In 2006, Liz Clark left her job as a bartender and decided to sail around the world, by herself. Today, now at the age of 34, she has sailed more than 25,000 miles going country to country.

As a little girl Liz had always dreamed of sailing around the world, and when she got an opportunity from an old college professor she said yes. While she was eager, she was also fearful so she spent three years before her big voyage learning everything she would need to.

With no income Liz set sail, she traveled the world, met new people and experienced different cultures. She was even able to score herself a clothing sponsor which is how she makes some money. While she first left her dock in Santa Barbara, California alone she is now continuing her journey with a little cat she befriended along the way.

According to Educate Inspire Change, Liz says this big adventure has taught her one of the most important things in life: “Be who you are. That is what makes you beautiful. Do what you love because that’s what you’re here to do. Try it because that’s what life is about.”