Girl Attempts to Eat Her First Tarantula, Things Don’t Go How She Expected

When visiting a foreign country, it’s important to try the local fare; even if it freaks you out. Foods that you’d normally consider repulsive or frightening are considered delicacies in other cultures.

During a mission trip in Cambodia, this girl decided to try a tarantula for the first time. This is an older video, but definitely some footage that will encourage you to take a few culinary risks next time you’re abroad.

While the idea of eating one of these huge arachnids might give you the heebie-jeebies, you’d be surprised to know that tarantulas are actually a very popular snack in this part of the world. They usually go for about 25 to 50 cents a piece.

Some people say that the crispy-fried spiders taste exactly like chicken, or a softshell crab.

Before she gets the courage to shove the entire thing into her mouth, abdomen and all, she takes a few quick nibbles at the feet.

“It’s good!” she exclaims.

What kind of exotic entree will you chow down on during your next vacation?