Girl with Three Boobs a Fake? That’s What Snopes Reports!

Two days ago FTK and numerous outlets published stories about massage therapist Jasmine Tridevil, a woman who had a third breast implanted in the center of her chest because she isn’t interested in dating anymore. Many people wondered: Is the girl with three boobs a fake?

Now, which is known for exposes hoaxes and revealing the truths about urban legends, has found numerous holes (Or should we say “lumps”?) in Tridevil’s story.

They start by pointing out that the only real evidence came from photos and video Tridevil supplied. There was one local TV interview conducted, but in it she only flashed a brief glimpse of her third breast, which could be easily faked with external prosthetics — ask any drag queen if you want confirmation on that fact. The reason? Tridevil is evidently trying to sell a self-produced reality show, and her naked third breast will be revealed in that episode. She didn’t want to give it all away at once.

Another point they bring up is that no good plastic surgeon would do this kind of operation:

Surgeons are ethically bound to decline performing cosmetic surgery on patients without certain mental health clearances (i.e., ensuring that patients do not have unrealistic expectations or motivations driven by psychological disorders), and in an interview Tridevil made the rather bizarre claim she set out to make herself look less attractive to men by opting to get a third breast implant.

But, let’s assume she found someone who would take her $20k and do the operation; another plastic surgeon mentioned how difficult, painful, and lengthy this would be.

[For] this type of surgery, the existing anatomy would need to be altered and then a tissue expander wound need to be inserted. The expander would be enlarged with saline and the skin would stretch. This process would take several months. The patient would be in considerable pain. there would be swelling and bruising. The expander would then be removed and an implant inserted into the space. That would take time. A nipple and areola can be made also but would take more time. The overall process can take up to one year to finish.

However, here’s where things get REALLY dicey.

Photos on a modeling page belonging to an Alicia Jasmine Hessler look very similar to the images circulating of Jasmine Tridevil. The profile pictures on Hessler’s YouTube page strongly resemble Tridevil, as well. That could just be a coincidence, but the domain was registered by someone named Alisha Jasmine Hessler — who also happens to be a massage therapist in Tampa.

Okay, name change, no big thing. Now check this out:

Tampa’s 10 News received an incident report from Tampa International Airport, where earlier this month Tridevil (a.k.a. Hessler) reported her baggage had been stolen. The luggage was eventually recovered and two people were arrested, but the property receipt listing the contents contained various items — including a “3 breast prosthesis!” Check out the scan of the document below.

There’s much more to this story on Snopes, including past possible hoaxes she’s allegedly committed.