Girl Uses Facebook to Save Dad’s Life After Storms Knock Out Phone Service

Social networking sites draw the ire of many, with people either blaming them for the decline of in-person communication skills or saying these platforms just take away from time that could be spent doing something productive.

But they’re not all bad. Sometimes they prove to be more than a tool to see what your friends are doing on a Friday night. In fact, as a recent story shows they can even be used to save a life.

A 10-year-old West Virginia girl used Facebook to post a frantic video plea after severe storms ripped through her neighborhood, taking down trees and cell phone service. Her dad was out on the porch with his friends when a tree fell on him and nearly killed him. With time ticking away, she knew she wasn’t able call 911 on her own since power lines were out. However, her wifi was still available. That’s when she posted the video and asked her friends to send an ambulance to her house.

Luckily, the right people saw it at the right time and were able to able to answer her plea, sending over medical help that saved her dad’s life.

Watch the chilling video in the newsclip above.