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Little Girl Writes Furious Note to Parents After They Tell Her Santa Isn’t Real

A 10-year-old girl, Belle Adams, from Maryland became extremely angry when her parents told her Santa isn’t real.

Nicki Adams, the girl’s mother, and her husband Michael didn’t expect that their daughter would react so negatively to the news. Belle delivered four carefully crafted notes by sliding them underneath their bedroom door.

little girl angry santa letter 1

little girl angry santa letter 2

little girl angry santa letter 3

Also, just to clarify what she was trying to express with the middle finger sketch, she added the following explanation.

little girl angry santa letter 4

In reaction to her daughter’s notes, Nicki could barely contain herself. “I laughed so hard that Mike made me go in the other room,” she shared on Facebook. “She was really having a moment and I was peeing in my pants haha.”

According to Nicki, Belle was only upset for about an hour. Once they could talk some reason into her, the Adams suggested that Belle join Santa’s team so that she can help others believe. The little girl decided that it was a good thing she could join the adult team, rather than turning into the Grinch.

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