Girlfight: 3 Women Get into a Brutal Brawl in Broad Daylight (VIDEO)

WARNING: This video is violent and graphic. Viewer discretion is advised. 

It’s not clear what started the started the original tussle between the two women who first begin taking swings at each other, but there are onlookers goading them to get even more vicious with one another. Obviously, one of the bystanders is filming the whole fiasco.

At first there are only two women throwing slaps and pulling hair, a skinny woman and a bigger woman. It doesn’t look like a very fair fight at first.

Things get really heated when a third woman jumps in, defending the skinny one, and kicks the other woman (her own size) literally to the curb. She then throws punches and kicks the woman while she’s down.

We’re not sure how these women know each other or if any of them are related. It’s just a big spectacle that’s made its way to the internet. And there you have it — so enjoy!