Girlfriend Gets Revenge on Boyfriend with Cruel, Painful Butt Wax Prank

We’ll be the first ones to admit that we love a good prank. A revenge prank to get back at someone who has tricked you? Even better.

That said, we believe in limits and think that no matter what, pranks should never, ever cause anyone physical pain. One girlfriend who was “getting back” at her boyfriend didn’t quite get that memo.

The woman’s boyfriend recently pulled a joke on her where he pretended to have killed her dog — which admittedly isn’t exactly cool either. But, no harm was done to either the dog or the girlfriend. But when said girlfriend believed it was her turn to prank the guy, physical harm was exactly what she went for and decided to give her partner a surprise butt wax.

And we’re not taking about a quick, fraction-of-a-second long wax. No, she left the guy completely on his own as he screamed in pain through the process of removing waxing strips from his behind while bound to a chair.

Pranks are supposed to be fun. When they become humiliating, cruel or painful, that’s when they turn into torture instead and there’s nothing funny, cool or fun about that.