WOMEN: Tips for Faking a Car Conversation

Listen up, ladies: It is no big secret that many guys are suckers for cars. Sports car, luxury cars, classic cars – if it has wheels and goes “vroom,” you can bet he’s going to love it.

So it’s no surprise that when a guy comes across a woman who shares his interest in the automotive world, it’s a huge turn-on. If you like a guy, but don’t quite know how to get him interested, talk to him about cars and you’re golden!

One little problem: If you aren’t actually into cars, chances are you know squat about them and wouldn’t know what to talk about past the fact that you know how to drive one. With that in mind, we offer a few simple tips to refer to in times of need so you can bluff your way through a car conversation like a pro.

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1) Show interest: In order to get a guy comfortable enough to talk about cars with you, be the one to initiate the topic. Whether you’re posing a comment about your own car, or mentioning a sweet ride you saw on your way over (have a car type in mind before-hand), just give yourself an in to the subject.

2) Know the basics: Okay, so we said this is a bluff-your-way-through guide, but even a pro bluffer will admit you have to cover your bases and know the basics. Terms like: horsepower, torque, engines, and gas mileage are all good ones to do some research on and have in your back pocket to throw out there. Don’t know where to start? Askmen.com has a two part series on basic car terms you can look over. Once you have a basic understanding of those, apply them to your own car. Examples: “The gas prices are killing me right now and my ride’s got a V8 engine so it guzzles gas like crazy!” You don’t need to rattle off all the terms, just a few should get him intrigued.

3) Know the facts, have an opinion: Look up any car. We offer the classic Mustang 1967 as an example. Talk about how that car is one of your favorites and put in a factoid about the car. For example, “The Mustang ’67 was the first redesign Ford offered to the model since its inception, which resulted in a slightly larger car.” Talk about how that improved the look in your opinion, and also added better handling to the car due to the larger wheel thread width. Try to find a car that actually holds at least some of your interest so that you retain the information.

4) Change topics: When you feel like you’ve gotten his interest, and are running out of ammo, slowly steer the topic in a different direction. The idea here is to get him hooked — your own charm should do the rest.