Man Ends Up in Jail for Giving Cop a Double Wet Willy

Wet willies are gross, but you don’t often hear of an average citizen pressing for felony charges after being the victim of the amateurish, sorta-gross elementary school prank.

One Minnesota police officer has proven the exception to that rule. A drunken man spent three days in jail after allegedly giving an on-duty officer a double “wet Willy.”

Mankato police sergeant Adam Gray was aboard a Midnight Express Bus, often referred to as the “drunk bus,” talking to the driver early Saturday morning after the downtown bars had closed. Riley Louis Stevenson, a 23-year-old airman on leave, boarded the bus.

According to the police report, it was then that Sgt. Gray felt “two fingertips that were obvious to him as wet with saliva being pushed into his right and left ear canals, which caused pressure and discomfort.” Gray turned around to see Stevenson walking away, boasting that he “just gave the cop a wet Willy.”

When Gray pulled Stevenson away from the group to interrogate him, he apologized and said he’d just done it as a joke. Stevenson blew a 0.186 on a breathalyzer test.

After spending the next night in jail, Stevenson was forced to appear before court on Monday. The officer insisted he face felony charges for the amateurish prank. District Court Judge Kurt Johnson told Stevenson he would drop the felony and misdemeanor charges so long as he pleads guilty to the charge of disruptive intoxication charge.

He did, and was sentenced to pay $77 in fines and spend three days in jail.