Glamorous Life on Board Earliest Luxury Cruise Liners Will Make You Dream of a Bygone Era

In the late 19th and early 20th century, steam-powered cruise ships created a gateway of fashionable world travel for the wealthy. For these elite travelers, an ocean cruise was all about luxurious style and glamour.

Society’s most shining would pay top dollar to secure first class passage and amenities on board cruise ships.

The photos in the slideshow above are just a sampling of some of the elite leisure pastimes offered to these fashionable society people. They date as far back as 1911 and document cruise ship travel over the decades and through until the late 1960s.

From first class cabins that boasted running water facilities, to sunbathing and games on deck and crisply set dining rooms, these photos will make you urn for a long-gone era.