Go Inside the Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast

Justin Bieber just turned 21, and in honor of the event there’s the much-anticipated roast from Comedy Central.

The TV special was taped in honor of the singer’s 21st birthday on March 14, and the special will debut on March 30.

There are reportedly the natural quips — about the Biebs’ behavior, his relationships, his alleged sex life and, of course, the music. But, according to E!, Bieber gets to have some fun of his own.

“What do you get when you give a teenager $200 million?” he asked the audience. “A bunch of has-beens calling you a lesbian for two and a half hours.” He also joked about his friend and collaborator Ludacris, saying, “I knew you’d show up for me tonight. I feel like I’ve known you my whole life, but that’s just because you look like the Mr. Potato Head I had as a kid.”

Kevin Hart is the “Roast Master” and there’s an interesting mix of folks listed as being involved, including Hannibal Buress, Chris D’Elia, Pete Davidson, Snoop Dogg, Natasha Leggero, Ludacris, Shaq, Jeffrey Ross and — get this — Martha Stewart.

The above video from E! covers some of the big highlights that we can look forward to. There are also some short clips from the Justin Bieber Comedy Central roast on the website for the event.