Goat’s Emotional Reunion with BFF Donkey Brings Us to Tears

“Animals have the ability to form friendships and feel deep emotions, just like us.”

This quote, taken from the video above, is illustrated perfectly in the story of Mr. G and Jellybean, a goat and donkey pairing that shared a deep bond together.

Both Mr. G and Jellybean went through years of neglect before two different animal sanctuaries took them in from an animal hoarding case.

Animal Place, the sanctuary that brought in Mr. G noticed he was extremely depressed, refused to eat and kept to himself in a corner of his stall upon arrival. The reason: He missed Jellybean. The good people who work at the sanctuary hadn’t known how close the two friends were, but once they came to that realization they knew they had to do something.

That’s when one of the volunteers offered to make a 14 hour round trip to bring Jellybean in. Although they’ve never had a burro, this was something Animal Place knew needed to happen.

The rest of the story is one for the books: After six days of not eating and being sad, Mr. G perked up as soon as he heard Jellybean being unloaded and brought in. The joy and excitement was evident upon the two friends’ reunion, with Mr. G prancing and running around, unable to contain himself. And after going so long without eating, it only took 20 minutes of spending time with his best buddy before Mr. G started enjoying food again. He even started nibbling out of the same serving dish as Jellybean.

This heartwarming story of the animal BFFs is sure to make you smile and shed a few tears. Watch the beautiful and emotional reunion above.