Watch This Hilarious Spaghetti-Eating Contest Between a Golden Retriever and German Shepherd

If we are to believe the classic animated Disney feature Lady and the Tramp, there’s nothing canines love more than a good plate of spaghetti. Someone decided to test just how much, by having their Golden Retriever and German Shepherd compete against each other in a timed eating contest.

The contestants are literally chomping at the bit to get started, after they are presented with entire plates of spaghetti—one heaping plate for each dog. The dogs are so excited to get going that for a moment, even before the clock starts, it seems like it could be a close race.

But once they’re off, it’s not even a little bit of a close competition—the German Shepherd gets totally creamed by the Golden Retriever. The Golden wolfs down the entire mass of pasta on his plate in just a few chomps, while the German Shepherd picks away at individual strands of the noodles.

It takes the Golden Retriever a mere 3.98 seconds, while his cohort clocked in at two minutes and 58 seconds. Maybe he just wanted to savor the treat?

Check out the cute video above to watch the contest.