Golden Retriever Fails Obedience Competition and Has the Best Day Ever

Dog shows offer breeders a chance to show off their prized pedigrees. In conformation events the dogs get spruced up and are trotted around a ring under the critical eye of judges — really all the dog has to do is look pretty. But for agility and obedient competitions, the dog must be totally in sync with its handler in order to follow command and direction in a split second.

A Finnish dog show called Koira Mestari, challenges dogs in obedience by lining the course with distractions, according to ET Online. Fun toys, tennis balls, tempting foods—basically dog heaven—are placed on the path between the handler and canine, and the dog must ignore them to focus solely on its person.

In the video above, we see an Australian shepherd totally nail the course—and the German shepherd does beautifully too.

And then there is this Golden Retriever, who completely fails the challenge but wins everyone’s hearts in the process. For this dog, very single item on the course is a stopping point to be sniffed, carried, or chewed on, but can you blame him? This dog clearly just had the best day ever, just look at those tail wags!

Check out the video above to watch the epic fail-turned-joyous-romp.