10-Year-Old Pet Goldfish Undergoes Rare Tumor Removing Surgery

After having grown attached to a pet goldfish and his company for several years, a family in Melbourne, Australia decided to do everything they could to save the fish when they discovered he had a tumor.

The 10-year-old fish named George was taken to a vet to undergo a tumor-removing surgery, instead of being put down. The operating surgeon, Dr. Tristan Rich, explains the owners opted for surgery because they felt like George is a part of their family and wanted to give it the loving care he deserved.

“For the owners, it’s not about having a fish, it’s about having this fish,” he said. “If you have a pet, regardless of what it is, then you have a responsibility to look after it as best you can.”

During the procedure, the surgeon gave George general anesthesia by utilizing a bucket of water laced with anesthetic, to keep him “asleep and alive.”

The Daily Mail also explains the tumor was carefully sliced away from the body and after a failed attempt at closing the incisions with sutures, the surgeons had to use tissue glue to seal him shut. The vets explain this is typically used in surgery for humans but that since very few methods are fish-specific, they had to think quickly on their feet.

Everything worked out well and George is on the road to recovery after receiving the $200 operation.

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