Why Would Someone Leave Wads of Cash for Strangers Around San Francisco?

A modern day Robbin Hood, currently going by the twitter alias @hiddencash, has been hiding fairly large amounts of cash throughout San Francisco.

If you spy any white envelopes lying around the streets, be sure to pick them up because they could contain $100! The beauty of this stunt is that the mystery philanthropist has chosen to remain anonymous – no publicity, no name recognition – just pure altruism.

@Hiddencash has only one request for his/her lucky winners – they must post a photo of themselves and the envelope on Twitter, making sure to tweet his/her page. Many of these winners have been influenced by the compassionate gestures of @hiddencash and vow that upon receiving the money, they intend to use it for purposes other than themselves.

By hiding these wads of cash in random places — such as old phone booths and empty key boxes — the anonymous wealthy donor sends the seekers on scavenger hunts, leaving them clues and ‘punny’ hints to discover across the city.

According to @hiddencash, the next lucky city to be showered with money is Los Angeles, followed by New York City. Their sole intent of this is to “start a nationwide movement of charitable giving,” by combining creative delivery methods and excessive amounts of cash to promote good deeds.

The donor was inspired by a brief period of self reflection upon which he realized that while he was drowning in money, those around him could barely afford a home. This prompted the mystery man/woman to give a little back in a fun and exciting way.