Good Samaritans Stop Purse Snatcher Targeting Elderly Woman Walking Home from Church

When a crime or crisis happens, we all like to think that we would step up and help out the innocent people being affected. While most of us are never faced with such situations – or make the sad discovery that we freeze in a crisis for one reason or another — two men not only saw a crime happen, but chased down the culprit and brought him to justice.

But who they are, no one knows… yet.

The scene happened on Sunday in La Habra, a city in Orange County, CA. An 82-year-old woman was walking home from church when a man allegedly stole her purse and took off running. Two men saw jumped into action and chased after the man.

According to NBC4, the suspect was wielding a large metal pipe, but one of the men threw the woman’s purse away from the suspect. The auto shop owner described what he believed one of the good Samaritans did next.

“The guy was a really brawny guy with big shoulders. He looked a line backer,” said Charles Farley, the auto store owner. “It sounded like he almost picked him up and slammed him up against the door!”

The suspect ran away, but police arrested him a few blocks away. The suspect has been identified as 25-year-old Alfredo Lezama.

“These two guys stepping up to the plate, just being like superheroes, taking care of business, helping out an elderly lady,” said Farley. “It just doesn’t get much better than that.”

Even though the event was caught on a surveillance camera, but the identities of these two good Samaritans is still unknown. Police are hoping that someone will see this video, recognize the two men, and help police to find them. These men would not only be work as witnesses to the crime and help in Lezama’s conviction, if he is indeed guilty, but police would also like to thank them for helping the elderly woman.

For her part, the victim who was happy to get her purse back, and that she was not injured.

Check out the “Good Samaritans Stop Purse Snatcher” video above. Know someone in California? Share this post with them to see if they can help!