Good Samaritan Gets Robbed While Rescuing Drowning Men

This is the kind of stuff that just leaves us reeling in disappointment at our fellow human beings.

Soul Surf School owner, Sean Riley was walking his dogs along a beach in Australia when he saw two men struggling out in the sea’s rough water.

Acting on instinct, he took off his sunglasses and shirt and threw his wallet on the beach, and dove in to rescue the men. His efforts were successful and it turned out Riley acted right on time as he believed one of the guys– who was barely breathing upon rescue– could have easily died out in the water.

According to The Northern Star, “A lifesaver from Byron Bay Surf Club came to assist Mr Riley, bringing oxygen and medical supplies” when the men were brought to shore.

“The guy who was in the least trouble said ‘We are so grateful, I thought my friend was going to die’” recounts Riley.

But while all this was going on, a beach-goer who we can only describe as a shameless jerk, took the opportunity to swoop up the good Samaritan’s wallet that was sitting on the beach along with his other items.

“By the time I got back up on the beach a guy came down and said ‘Well done, these are your [sunglasses], you left them up there’ and about 10 minutes after that I realized my wallet was gone.”

As it happens, the wallet contained no cash – only identification, medicare and credit cards which Riley promptly cancelled. But the self-employed man had to take time away from work to replace the stolen contents.

“I was pretty disappointed, that’s for sure… It’s just one of those unfortunate things, I guess,” he said of the incident.

We hear ya man, we hear ya.

Feature Image courtesy of Cathy Adams